british art on india

Between 1770 and 1825, 30 British portrait and 28 miniaturists travelled through India recording its landscapes, monuments, and communities in prints and paintings. Led by a Tallis Art expert, you will visit the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Imperial Hotel (prior permission required) where you will be introduced you to the works of artists such as Thomas Daniells, Charles D’Oyly, and Tilly Kettle. 

modern indian masters

This experience takes you to the National Gallery of Modern Art where an art expert will trace for you the historical development and evolution of the various schools of modern Indian art. Our expert will highlight important works by great Indian painters like Rabindranath Tagore and Amrita Sher-Gil and help you appreciate their contributions to the world of modern art.

crafts museum

Designed by noted Indian architect Charles Correa, this museum houses a unique collection of crafts from all over India. From the enormous masks of gods and mythical heroes in the Gallery of Cultic Objects to the beautifully preserved 18th century haveli (mansion) of a Bohri Muslim family in the Courtly Crafts Gallery and the artisans at work in the museum courtyard, this museum makes for a truly incredible experience.

Textiles of india

Led by a Senior Tallis Expert you will explore the important textile collections in Delhi. Highlights of the experience include a tour of the antique textile collection of the Crafts Museum, visit to a textile studio showcasing the hand-woven textile heritage of India, and interactions with dealers of antique textiles.

best of national museum

National Museum in New Delhi has the most representative collection of antiquities of India. This experience is designed to capture the width and richness of this collection. 
Highlights: Dancing Girl, c. 2700- 2000 B.C, Mohenjodaro, Harappan Civilization Gallery; Scene from Buddha’s life, 5th century AD, Sarnath U.P. Buddhist Art Gallery; Nataraja, Late Chola, 12th century AD, South India,  Bronze Gallery; Mughal Emperor Jahangir holding a picture of the Madonna, Mughal School, c. 1620.

Delhi museum safari

This experience showcases the width and richness of the collections of the two most important museums in Delhi – the Crafts Museum and the National Museum. Designed by noted Indian architect Charles Correa, the Crafts Museum houses a unique collection of crafts from all over India while the National Museum has the most representative collection of antiquities of India. Curated and led by a Tallis expert, this Safari is a must for all art and culture enthusiasts. 

dinner and art

Join us for a dinner event to remember with a Tallis expert who is an enthusiastic and friendly guide to the best of Indian contemporary art. With our expert you will enjoy the beauty of contemporary Indian art combined with excellent traditional Indian cuisine. Highly recommended for all art enthusiasts. 

delhi Arts & Crafts experiences

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