british new Delhi

Starting at the India Gate, this experience will highlight the genius of Edwin Lutyen, who spent 20 years building the city in a unique style that combined Western Classicism with decorative Indian motifs. The drive will take you through the historic buildings, streets & plazas, churches & temples, museums & monuments, and shops & markets, and gardens of this impressive capital of modern India. On this journey, you will be introduced to the history, planning, and politics that linger behind the architecture. 

the qutub complex and arrival of political islam

This experience will showcase the advent of Islamic architecture and religious practices in India. You will learn about the first Muslim rulers of Delhi and the changes in culture, customs, and urban milieu that their rule brought about. You will observe the earliest examples of domes and arches in India and see the fusion of Hindu carving skills with Muslim technology and design. A must for all history and architecture buffs.

the revolt of 1857

The year is 1857 and Delhi is in turmoil. For the first time India is fighting for its freedom and the British East India Company has lost control. This experience takes you back a 150 years to the place where Indian soldiers fought the British for over 6 months. It showcases this fascinating story and highlights important sites often overlooked by visitors and forgotten by locals.

garden tombs of delhi: humayun's tomb

​Led by a Tallis Expert, you will visit the Humayun’s Tomb, undoubtedly the most spectacular building in Delhi commissioned by a woman. Here you will get an insight into the history, architecture, and secrets of the first mausoleum built in India for a Mughal Emperor. You will learn about the advent of the garden tomb that led to the eventual development of the Taj Mahal.  A not to be missed experience!!

mughal city of shajanabad

​Discover the secrets of the only clearly visible historic settlement of Delhi. From the majestic Red Fort to the silver lined shops of Dariba Kalan, this tour allows you to savor a 350 year old culture up-close. Led by noted historians, unraveling the Mughal City will allow you to appreciate the elegant lifestyle that flourished in the royal palaces and havelis, enriched by the merchants, priests, artists, and poets who lived in the lanes and the quarters of the Walled City during the Mughal period. 

delhi heritage experiences

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